CE822 Wireless Communications & Networks

Course Name: 

CE822 Wireless Communications & Networks


M.Tech (CE)


Elective (Ele)

Credits (L-T-P): 



Radio Propagation Characteristics: Models for path loss, shadowing and multipath fading (delay spread, coherence band width, coherence time, Doppler spread), Jakes channel model, Digital modulation for mobile radio, analysis under fading channels: diversity techniques and RAKE demodulator, channel coding techniques, multiple access techniques used in wireless mobile communications. Space time propagation, wireless channel, channel as a space time random field, space time channel and signal models, capacity of space time channels, spatial diversity, space time receivers, space time coding with channel knowledge, space time OFDM. Wireless networks – WLANBluetooth. Suitable mini-projects in the areas of Space-Time codes and OFDM. The cellular concept: Frequency reuse: The basic theory of hexagonal cell layout: Spectrum efficiency, FDM / TDM cellular systems: Channel allocation schemes, Handover analysis, Erland capacity comparison of FDM / TDM systems and cellular CDMA. Discussion of GSM and CDMA cellular standards, Signaling and call control: Mobility management, location tracking. Wireless data networking, packet error modeling on fading channels, performance analysis of link and transport layer protocols over wireless channels: mobile data networking (Mobile IP): wireless data in GSM, IS - 95 and GPRSSpace time Wireless Communications.
Course Objectives:
  • To provide an overview of Wireless Communication networks area and its applications in communication engineering.
  • To appreciate the contribution of Wireless Communication networks to overall technological growth.
  • To understand the various terminology, principles, devices, schemes, concepts, algorithms and different methodologies used in Wireless Communication Networks.

Course Outcomes:

  • To understand the basics of Wireless Communication Networks.
  • To motivate the students to pursue research in the area of wireless communication. 


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