CE840 Advanced Communication Networks

Course Name: 

CE840 Advanced Communication Networks


M.Tech (CE)


Elective (Ele)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3 - 0 - 0) 3


Overview of Internet - Concepts, challenges and history. Overview of high speed networks-ATM. TCP/IP Congestion and Flow Control in Internet - Throughput analysis of TCP congestion control. TCP for high bandwidth delay networks. Fairness issues in TCP.;Real Time Communications over Internet. Adaptive applications. Latency and throughput issues. Integrated Services Model (intServ). Resource reservation in Internet. RSVP.;Characterization of Traffic by Linearly Bounded arrival Processes (LBAP). Concept of (o,, p) regulator. Leaky bucket algorithm and its properties.;Packet Scheduling Algorithms - requirements and choices. Scheduling guaranteed service connections. GPS, WFQ and Rate proportional algorithms. High speed scheduler design. Theory of Latency Rate servers and delay bounds in packet switched networks for LBAP traffic.;Active Queue Management - RED, WRED and Virtual clock. Control theoretic analysis of active queue management.;IP address lookup - challenges. Packet classification algorithms an d Flow Identification - Grid of Tries, Cross producting and controlled prefix expansion algorithms.;Admission control in Internet. Concept of Effective bandwidth. Measurement based admission control. Differentiated Services in Internet (DiffServ). DiffServ architecture and framework.;IP switching and MPLS- Overview of IP over ATM and its evolution to IP switching. MPLS architecture and framework. MPLS Protocols. Traffic engineering issues in MPLS. [P control of Optical Routers. Lamda Switching, DWDM Networks.


Jean Wairand and Pravin Varaiya, High Perforamnce Communications Networks, Second Edition, 2000.
Jean Le Boudec, Patrick Thiran, Network Calculus A Theory of Deterministic Queueing Systems for the Internet, Springer Veriag, 2001.
Zhang Wang, Internet Qo,5, Morgan Kaufman 2001.
George Kesidis, ATM Network Performance, Kluwer Academic, 2000.
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