CE841 Internet of Things

Course Name: 

CE841 Internet of Things


M.Tech (CE)


Elective (Ele)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3 - 0 - 0) 3


The IoT Networking Core , Technologies involved in IoT Development, Internet/Web and Networking Basics, OSI Model, Data transfer referred with OSI Model, IP Addressing, Point to Point Data transfer, Point to Multi Point Data transfer & Network Topologies, Subnetting, Network Topologies referred with Web, Introduction to Web Servers, Introduction to C loud Computing. IoT Platform overview: Overview of IoT supported Hardware platforms such as : Raspberry pi, ARM Cortex Processors, Arduino and Intel Galileo boards. Network Fundamentals: Overview and working principle of Wired Networking equipment’s, Rout er, Switches, Overview and working principle of Wireless Networking equipment’s,Access Points, Hubs etc. Linux Network configuration Concepts: Networking configurations in Linux Accessing Hardware & Device Files interactions. IoT Architecture:History of Io T, M2M, Machine to Machine, Web of Things, IoT protocols, Applications:Remote Monitoring & Sensing, Remote Controlling, Performance Analysis The Architecture, The Layering concepts , IoT Communication Pattern, IoT protocol Architecture, The 6LoWPAN, Secur ity aspIoT Application Development: Application Protocols,MQTT, REST/HTTP, CoAP, MySQLects in IoT. Back end Application Designing: Apache for handling HTTP Requests, PHP & MySQL for data processing, MongoDB Object type Database, HTML, CSS & jQuery for UI Designing , JSON lib for data processing, Security & Privacy during development, Application Development for mobile Platforms: Overview of Android / IOS App Development tools. Case Study & advanced IoT Applications: IoT applications in home, infrastructures, buildings, security, Industries, Home appliances, other IoT electronic equipments. Use of Big Data and Visualization in IoT, Industry 4.0 concepts. Sensors and sensor Node and interfacing using any Embedded targ et boards (Raspberry Pi / Intel Galileo/ARM Cortex/Arduino).


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