CE844 Network Flow and its Optimization

Course Name: 

CE844 Network Flow and its Optimization


M.Tech (CE)


Elective (Ele)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3 - 0 - 0) 3


Concepts and applications of Search methods, Convex sets, Linear, duality principles and Integer Programming. Static Maximum Flow, and Graph modeling of Networks. Multiple sources and sinks . The labeling method for solving maximal flow problems Lower bounds on arc flows. Flows in undirected and mixed networks. Node capacities and other extensions. Flow value function of capacities. Case studies for optical networks and wi reless sensor networks.


Ford and Fulkerson, Flow in Networks, Princeton University Press, 1962.
Dantzig G. B., Linear Programming and Extensions, Princeton University Press, 1963.
N. Deo, Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science, PHI, 1974
R. Diestel, Graph Theory, Springer-Verlag, 2000.
M. Pior and, D.Medhi, Routing Flow and Capacity design in Communication and Computer Networks, Morgan Kaufmann Publisher, 2004

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