CE723 Light Wave Communication

Course Name: 

CE723 Light Wave Communication


M.Tech (CE)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-1-0) 4


Importance of OFC; Light wave propagation in dielectric slab waveguides, Ray Theory, Numerical aperture, SI and GI waveguides, channel waveguides. Optical fibers: Types, fabrication techniques, attenuation, dispersion, Modes in SI and GI , DSF, DFF, PM fibers, plastic fibers, fiber bundles, connectors, couplers, power splitters etc. Optical Sources and detectors: Review of PN junction diodes, LEDs, Laser Diodes, Noise sources; Photo-detectors: PIN and APD design, Noise characteristics, Modulation of LEDs/LDs, drive circuits for LDs & PDs., high speed operation. OFC Systems: Simple networks and their analysis, BER calculations, WDM principle and techniques. Optical TDM etc, long haul DWDM. EDFAs and their applications to OFC. Optical Fiber Sensors. Coherent detection in OFC


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Senior J., Optical fiber communications, Principles & Practice, PHI,1992
Keiser G., Optical fiber communications, McGraw-Hill, 1999
A Selvarajan, S.Kar, T Srinivas, Optical Fiber Communications, TMH, 2002
William B. Jones, Introduction to optical fiber communication systems, OUP, 1998

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