CE827 Speech and Audio Processing

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CE827 Speech and Audio Processing


M.Tech (CE)


Elective (Ele)

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Speech Production – human speech production mechanism, acoustic theory of speech production, digital models for speech production. Speech perception – human hearing, auditory psychophysics, JND, pitch perception, auditory masking, models for speech perception. Speech Analysis – Time and frequency domain analysis of speech, speech parameter estimation, Linear prediction. Speech compression – quality measures, waveform coding, source coders, Speech compression standards for personal communication systems. Audio processing – characteristics of audio signals, sampling, Audio compression techniques, Standards for audio compression in multimedia applications, MPEG audio encoding and decoding, audio databases and applications. Speech synthesis – text to speech synthesis, letter to sound rules, syntactic analysis, timing and pitch segmental analysis. Speech recognition – Segmental feature extraction, DTW, HMMs, approaches for speaker, speech and language recognition and verification.


Douglas O’Shaugnessy, Speech Communication – Human and Machine, IEEE Press, 2000
L R Rabiner, Digital Processing of Speech Signals, Pearson,1978
T.F Quatieri , Discrete-time speech signal processing: Principles and Practise Pearson,2002
Zi Nian Li, Fundamentals of Multimedia, Pearson Education, 2003

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