EC221 Linear Systems & Signals

Course Name: 

EC221 Linear Systems & Signals


B.Tech (ECE)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-1-0) 4


Review of DC circuit analysis, Time domain analysis of continuous-time signals & systems: properties of signals & systems, linear-time invariant systems, impulse response, convolution, correlation, causality and stability; Analysis of RL and RC circuits, representation of systems using differential equations, solution of linear differential equations, Concept of transient and steady state, time constant, Mutual inductance,  RLC circuits, characteristic equation, concept of damping and natural frequency, representation of RLC circuits using state variable description, time-domain specifications. Transform domain analysis of systems: Laplace Transform - Definition and properties, inverse transforms, transform circuits, application to transient analysis of networks, transfer function. Network Theorems: Superposition,  Thevenin,  Norton, Maximum power transfer. Sinusoidal steady state analysis: Steady state response of  R, L, C and M elements to sinusoidal excitation, resonance, frequency domain specifications. Frequency domain analysis of continuous time signals and systems: Fourier series, properties, Fourier transform, properties of Fourier transforms and applications to systems. Bode plots, Gain and phase margins.


M.E. Van Valkenburg, Network Analysis, Pearson Education, 2006
J.W. Nilsson and S.A. Riedel, Electric Circuits, PHI, 2000
Simon Haykin, Signals & Systems, John Wiley, 1998


Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE)

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