Awards won by students

  • Best paper award for the paper titled  "A Novel Dual-Gate Nano-Scale InGaAs Transistor with modified Substrate Geometry" by Baldeo Sharan Sharma and M. S. Bhat, in the IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Electronics, Signal Processing and Communication (ICIESC 2017), 6-7 April, 2017.

  • Best paper award for the paper titled “A Low-Energy Area-Efficient Dual Channel SAR ADC Using Common Capacitor Array Technique” by  Sridhar Reddy N, Jagadish D. N. and M.S Bhat in the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics 2016 (DISCOVER 2016) Aug. 13-15, 2016. 

  • First prize in BOSCH Hackathon - 2016  won by  3rd year BTech (E&C) students  - Kartik Samtani and Saurabh Sachan for their project Bowling Assist.  23 Teams participated in the competition from Industries and Educational Institutions across India.

  • First Place in the Intel track of HiPC Parallel Programming Challenge 2015 won by 3rd year BTech (E&C) students  - Akshay Kamath, Gururaj K and Ajay Kumar M for their project on Clustering of High-dimensional Data on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors, under the guidance of Dr. Deepu Vijayasenan. The work was presented at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 2015) held in Bengaluru (

  • IEEE R10 Exemplary Student Branch Award - 2015

  • IEEE student Enterprise award  for the year 2014.  Title of the Project:  Mapping of Greenhouse gases using wireless sensor networks.  Team Members: Nithin Kamath, Arjun A, Arjun Raghunath, Pratik Gujjar, Shah Ankit Parag, M. Ranga Sai Shreyas, Sree Gautham J, A. Bejesh, Pranav Channakeshava, Chethan V, Abhiskek Kumar, Pradyumna Suresh, Anup R, Vishnuvardhan, Vinith Kishore.

  • First prize in Texas Instruments analog design contest -2014 to Mr.Prajwal M V and Srinivas B S.

  • Raghavendra S won the first place for the Best Lighting Project conducted by the EFY Design Contest 2013-14 (Electronics For You Magazine) held at the EFY-Expo, New Delhi for his work on Remote Controlled Efficient Lighting. He was also given additional grant for further development of his work.

  • Aatish Chandak, Arjun A and Nithin Kamath were presented with the 'Top 30 Designer' Awards for their project 'Autobot - Autonomous Surveyor Robot' by the EFY Design Contest 2013-14 held at the EFY-Expo, New Delhi. 

  • NITK was the only Indian team in the finals of the competition IEEE International Future Energy Challenge-2013 (IFEC'13) at the APEC Conference for the project entitled “Low cost Long lifetime LED driver” by Adarsh Hasnadka, Anirban Ghosh , Pavan K Shetty, Varun Reddy under the guidance of Dr.Ramesh Kini M.

  • Preejit Prakash(ECE),  Siddahrtha Kumar(EEE),  Varun Reddy(ECE) won the First prize in the TI India Analog Design Contest 2012-2013 in the fourth edition of TI Analog Design Contest in India where 350 teams from 102 colleges for their project “Fast Response Search And Rescue Robot, Assisted Low Power WSN Net For Navigation And Detection” under the guidance of Dr. Aparna P.

  •  IEEE R10 Exemplary Student Branch Award - 2013 (only Institute in IEEE Region 10 to win  the award in 2013)

  •  IEEE Student Enterprise Award for the project Quadcopter  : 2013

  •  IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award –for the project Interactive Environment Education Platform (IEEP): 2014

  • IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award - 2013

  • First Prize in TI-Analog Design Contest - 2012  to Adarsh Hasnadka, Rohit Raju, Pavan K Shetty and Anirban Ghosh and a cash prize of $10000, under the guidance of Prof. Muralidhar Kulkarni

  • First Prize and Third Prize in Nation-wide Analog Circuit Design Contest Nebula'11 to Maruthi M and Karthik J N respectively, conducted by Cosmic Circuits Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

  • Robert Bosch Best Project Award 2009 to Ohil K Manyam, Tapaswi Makarnad Murari and Veeresh Taranalli  with a Silver medal for team members and a Cash award of Rs 10000

  • First Prize for Best MTech Project in PI category- sponsored by  DietY under SMDP-VLSI  to  Rajashekar Guntupally (MTech student 2006-2008 batch) and Dr M.S Bhat (thesis supervisor) for the project “Design of Resolution Adaptive TIQ Flash ADC using AMS 0.35 micron Technology” .


Admission in top universities (Not in any order)


  • ETH Zurich : Manu Nair - PhD Program
  • UT Austin: Yashwanth Marathe, Saharsh Samir Oza - Integrated MS+PhD Program
  • UT Austin: Sharukh Shaik - MS Program
  • GeorgiaTech: Pradyumna B S, Varun Reddy, Abhinav Roy Burman, Manyu Deshpande - MS Program
  • CMU: Anindya Gautam, Madhumitha Sridhara, Anirban Ghosh, Pranav Channakeshava, Tarun Ala, Ritwik Rajendra– MS Program
  • UCSD: Dhanya Ganesh, Govind Ravikumar Gopal - MS program
  • TAMU: Pavan K. Shetty - MS Program
  • NCSU: Pankaj Bongale, Tarun Thokala  - MS Program
  • ASU: Nikhil Kumar Das, Gunnam Sridhar - MS Program
  • UW, Madison: Suhas Rohit Pai - MS Program
  • UM, Ann Arbor: Sagnik Dam - MS Program
  • Simon Fraser UniversityPratik Gujjar - MS Program
  • USC: Divya Nandihalli - MS Program
  • UIUC: Prajwal MV - MS Program
  • Columbia University: Mrinal Vaibhav Arun, Abhinav Sridhar - MS Program
  • George Washington University: Sharang Kulkarni - MS Program
  • University of Washington : Naveen John - MS Program
  • Stony Brook University: Shreyas B. P.  - MS Program


  • GeorgiaTech : Supreeth Prajwal – PhD Program
  • University of Maryland, College Park  : Ajay Krishnan – PhD Program
  • NCSU: Sandeep Hari - PhD Program
  • UIUC: Samidh Pratap Singh - PhD Program
  • Chosun University, South Korea: Sadeque Khan,  Ningombam Devarani Devi - PhD Program
  • Duke university: Vaishakhi Mayya - PhD Program
  • Monash University, Melbourne: Jignesh Jokhakar - PhD Program
  • CMU: Abhijith Kashyap - MS Program
  • UIUC: Ashwin Kalyan V - Research Scholar
  • UCSB: Bharath V, Akshar Jain - MS program
  • USC: Arjun Arvind - MS Program
  • ASU: Archana Shenoy - MS Program
  • Columbia UniversityAdarsh Murthy, Raghavendra S H – MS Program
  • GeorgiaTech  : Amit Raj - MS Program
  • NCSU : Aniruddh Deshpande, Arjun Jagdish, Nithin Kamath, David Joshy Manjaly, Chethan N T, Eswar Rao K,  - MS Program
  • NEU, Boston : Dishit Dak - MS Program
  • University of Minnesota at Twin Cities :  Niketh M G, Pramod B. K. - MS Program
  • UCSD: Shreyas PathreShashank Uppoor, Giridhar Nayak, Preeti S., Yashank Sakhardande - MS Program
  • TAMUAbhinav Tyagi, Anish Morakhia, Venkateshwar K, Surakshith M N - MS Program
  • UC, IrvineRakshith B. R. - MS program
  • Purdue University- Anmol Bhattad - MS program
  • UCLA -  Amber Afsan - MS program
  • University of Maryland, College parkMansij Venkatesh - MS program
  • University of British Columbia - Ajith S. R.  - MS Program
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Chenna Reddy - PhD program
  • University of Illinois at Chicago - Utpala Jasti - MS Program
  • Univ. of Minnesota: Pooja Mehta - Research Scholar


  • UC BerkeleyAkshay Pattabi - PhDProgram
  • GeorgiaTechYashas M. - PhD Program
  • UIUC: Timir Nandi - PhD Program
  • NUS Singapore: Rajashekhar Bhat - PhD Program
  • Monash University: Jignesh Jokhakar - PhD Program
  • Stanford University : Krithi K. N. - MS Program
  • Univ. of Manchester : Manu Nair - MPhil Program
  • TAMUSushirdeep Narayana - MS Program
  • USC:  Bhuvana Bairy - MS Program
  • GeorgiaTechTanmay Sapkal,Varun Reddy, Rakshith Sharma S, Elza Mathew, Rohit Bhaskar - MS Program
  • University of British Columbia: Spoorthi Nayak - MS Program
  • UT Austin: Ankith G S, Amogha P - MS Program
  • Northwest Missouri State University: Epuri Jithendra Bhargav - MS Program
  • University of Southern Florida: Pallavi Raiturkar - MS Program
  • University of Minnesota: Pooja Mehta - MS Programn
  • Ohio State university: Anoop Raghav - MS Program
  • Oregon State University : M S S K Shanmukha Sreenivas - MS Program
  • The University of Southampton: Leela Raj Prabhu - MS Program
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology: Harika Sunakara - MS Program
  • NCSU :  Darryl Tauro - MS Program
  • UT, DallasKrishnamoorthy Venkataraman  - MS Program
  •  New York University: Mathura Govindarajan - MS Program
  • Virginia Polytechnic: Ameya Khandekar - MEngg. Program


  • Stanford University: Govinda Kamath - PhD Program
  • UC BerkeleyShromana Ghosh, MS-PhD
  • NTU Singapore : Vikram Shenoy - PhD Program
  • University College Cork, Ireland: Satish Kumar Grandhi - PhD Program (2013-16)
  • Stanford UniversitySneha Kudli - MS Program
  • TAMU: Joyan Sanctis - MS Program
  •  University of British ColumbiaAnurag Ranjan - MS Program
  • UCSBPulagam Harichandan - MS Program
  • UCSDPriyanka Ganapathi - MS Program
  • UT Dallas: Areeba Ahsan - MSEE Program 
  • UW, Madison: Chetan Patil - MS Program
  • NCSU: Sandeep Hari - MS Program


  • UC Berkeley: Pramod Murali - PhD Program (2012-2015)
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain: Ajay Krishnamoorthy - PhD Program
  • Johns Hopkins University: Vaishakhi Mayya - MS Program
  • UCSB : Kishan Ganapathi - MS Program
  • USC: Shailesh K S Bhat - MS Program
  • UM, Ann Arbor: Apexit Shah - MS Program
  • Verginia Tech: Sreeraksha Kondaji Ramesh - MS Program
  • Duke University: Ashwini Rao - MEMP Program

Previous Years:

  • UC Berkeley: Nihar Shah, Rashmi Vinayak - PhD Program (2011-)
  • Purdue University: Aditya Mohan - PhD Program (2011-)
  • TAMU: Prasanna Bekal - MS Program (2010-12)
  • Clemson University: Sneha Latha Kottapalli - MS Program (2010-12)
  • Univ. of Michigan : Bharan Giridhar - MS (2008-10), PhD (2010-2015)
  • ASU: Vinay Hanumaiah - PhD Program (2007-13)



Internships by students in Foreign Universities (2012-15)

  • Univ. of Illinois, UC
  • Viterbi School of Engineering USC, LA
  • HEIG-VD, Switzerland
  • TU Braunschweig Germany
  • Univ. College Cork, Ireland
  • Univ. of Victoria, Canada
  • Univ. of Applied Sciences - Western Switzerland, HEPIA, Geneva
  • Dublin City University, Ireland
  • ECAM, Lyon, France
  • Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
  • University of Göttingen, Germany
  • Mcgill University, Canada
  • Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Calgary, Canada    
  • Carleton University, Canada                   

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