Books / Book Chapters Published

  1. Anmol Verma, Asish Panda, Amit Kumar Chanchal, Shyam Lal, and B. S. Raghavendra, Chapter Name: Automatic Deep Learning Framework for Breast Cancer Detection and Classification from H&E Stained Breast Histopathology Images, published in “Data Science, Transactions on Computer Systems and Networks”, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.; Editors: Gyanendra K. Verma, Badal Soni. Salah Bourennane. Alexandre C. B. Ramos; ISBN 978-981-16-1680-8 ISBN 978-981-16-1681-5 (eBook)
  2. Sushil Kumar Pandey, Vivek Garg, Nezhueyotl Izquierdo, Amitesh Kumar, “Recent Advancements in Growth and Stability of Phosphorene: Prospects for High-Performance  Devices”, a chapter in the book entitled “Sub-Micron Semiconductor Devices”, 2022.
  3. Shashidhara, K.S., Dakulagi, V., Kaur, J., Yeap, K.H., Singh, M., Ratnesh, R.K. (2022). A New Kaiser-Bessel Constant Modulus Technique for Smart Antenna Beamforming. In: Shetty, N.R., Patnaik, L.M., Nagaraj, H.C., Hamsavath, P.N., Nalini, N. (eds) Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 790. Springer, Singapore.
  4. Laxminidhi, T., Singhai, Jyoti, Patri, Sreehari Rao, Mani, V. V. “Advances in Communications, Signal Processing, and VLSI: Select Proceedings of IC2SV 2019” ISBN: 9813340576, Springer, Published: 2021.  
  5. Prashantha Kumar H. and Prof. Won Y Yang, "MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Signal Processing", Hongrung Publishing Company, Seoul, Korea, published: 2021.


  1. Rekha S, Contents contribution for Indian Adaptation of Op-amps and Linear Integrated Circuits" Revised Fourth Edition by Ramakant A. Gayakwad, Pearson Publishers, 2021. 
  2. Prashantha Kumar H, Contents contribution for Indian Adaptation of “Electronic Devices";, Tenth Edition by Thomas L. Floyd, Pearson India, 2021.
  3. Sravani, K., Rao, Rathnamala, “DDCVS Logic for Asynchronous Gate-Level Pipelined Circuits”, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 700, pp. 1543-1548, March 2021. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-8221-9_144.
  4. Pradeep Gorre, Rajesh Kumar, Hanjung Song, Sandeep Kumar, Dept. of E&C Engg., Mm-wave CMOS power Amplifier for 5G; a chapter in the book entitled "CMOS Analog IC Design for 5G and Beyond DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-9865-4, 2021.
  5. Vignesh R, Vipin sharma, Hanjung Song, Sandeep Kumar, "Techniques to Improve Gain-Bandwidth 5G ICs" a chapter in the book entitled;CMOS Analog IC Design for 5G andBeyond” DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-9865-4, 2021.
  6. Amitesh Kumar, Brajendra Singh Sengar, Shalu Chaudhary, Saurabh Kumar Pandey, Sushil Kumar Pandey, Md Hasan Raza Ansari, “Receiver Architectures for 5G: Current Status and Future Prospects”, a chapter in the book entitled “CMOS Analog IC Design for 5G and Beyond”, 2021.
  7. Deepa Puneet and Muralidhar Kulkarni, Book Chapter, "Data Aggregation Using Distributed Compressive Sensing in WSNs", SPRINGER NATURE Singapore Pte Ltd 2020, S. M. Thampi et. al.(Eds.): SIR'S 2019, Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS),1209, pp.276-290, 2020.
  8. VLSI Signal Processing, Power Electronics, IoT, Communication and Embedded Systems, Select Proceedings of VSPICE 2020, SPRINGER, Editors: Shubhakar Kalya, Engineering Product Development Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore, Muralidhar Kulkarni, Professor, Dept of ECE, NITK, Surathkal, K S Shivaprakasha, Professor, NMAMIT, NITTE, Mangalore.
  9. Geriki Polaiah, K. Krishnamoorthy, and Muralidhar Kulkarni, Book Chapter,; A Dual-Band Modified Quadrilateral Square Slotted Rectenna for RF Energy Harvesting", Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020, N. Goel et al. (eds.), Modelling, Simulation and Intelligent Computing, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 659, pp. 401-410, 2020, 


  1. Prabu K and Santosh A. Janawade, Contents contribution for Indian Adaptation, "Microwave Engineering Theory and Techniques", David M Pozar, Wiley, WILEY India, 2020.
  2. Prabhu, A chapter author for a book “Principles and Applications of Free Space Optical Communication”, IET Publications. Chapter Title: “Performance analysis and mitigation of turbulence effects using  spatial diversity techniques in FSO systems over combined channel”, 2019.
  3. Prabhu, A chapter author for a book “Turbulence and Related Phenomena”, IntechOpen. Chapter Title: “Performance analysis of FSO systems over atmospheric turbulence channel for Indian weather conditions”, 2019.
Books Published earlier
1. Muralidhar Kulkarni and K S Shivaprakasha, "Information Theory and Coding;, Wiley (India), 2015. 
2. Couch, Leon W., Muralidhar Kulkarni, and U. Sripati Acharya, “Digital and Analog Communication Systems”. 8th Ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson, 2013.
3. Muralidhar Kulkarni, ;Microwave & Radar Engineering;, Fifth Edition, Umesh Publications, New Delhi, 2015.
4. R.S. Kaler, Muralidhar Kulkarni and Umesh Gupta ;A Text Book on Digital Signal Processing;, I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Limited, New Delhi, 2010.
5. Muralidhar Kulkarni and Farooq Husain, ;Analog & Digital Communication Systems;, Umesh Publications, New Delhi, 2005. 
6. Muralidhar Kulkarni,;Digital Communications", Umesh Publications, New Delhi, 2005. 
Patents Granted/published
  1. Omprakash N Sringeri and Sumam David, ;Programmable Switch Network for swapping the connection between two sets of nodes”, Patent No. 327002 granted in December 2019.
  2. Omprakash, M.S. Bhat and Dr. U. Shripathi Acharya,;Alternative means for conductor based short distance signal/ data transfer”, Patent No. 301828 granted in October 2018.
  3. Muralidhara, Rathnamala Rao, Veeresha R. K, Prasad Prabhu and Gautham S Shetty "Method and System for Measurement of Residual Stress by Drilling Deep Holes in a Weld-Joint" Patent Application No. 201941002849, Published in July 2020.
  4. Rohit Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, S. Ramesh, Kusum Yaday, Utpal Pandey, Vivek Kumar Srivastav and Deepa Gupta, "Methods and Systems for Monitoring a Remotely Located Renewable Energy Power Plant; Patent Application No. 202111025277 published in June 2021.
  5. Rohit Sharma, Vipin Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, Saumya Mishra and Rachit Patel,; Methods and systems for monitoring footwear and well-being of a person wearing the footwear; Patent Application No. 202111028580 published in July 2021.
  6. Rohit Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, S. Ramesh, Kusum Yaday, Utpal Pandey, Vivek Kumar and Srivastav, ;Methods and Systems for Monitoring cap and well-being of a person wearing the cap A" Patent Application No. 202111032887A, published in August 2021.
  7. Rohit Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, S. Ramesh, Kusum Yaday, Utpal Pandey, Vivek Kumar and Srivastav, ;Internet of Things (IOT) based Smart Stand for Utensils” Patent Application No.202111035881A, published in September 2021.
  8. Sanjeev Kumar Raghuwanshi, Yadvendra Singh, Purnendu Shekhar Pandey, Mandeep Singh, Santosh Kumar, Azhar Shadab, Ritesh Kumar and Md Tauseef Iqbal Ansari "An IOT Monitoring System for Underground Mines using a Fiber Bragg Grating Chemical Sensor;, Patent Application No. 202131051640 A, published in December 2021.
  9. Vipin Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, Krishna Pandey, Rachit Patel and Sapna Katiyar, ;Assistance device for Visually and Hearing Impaired Person" Patent Application No. 202211039377 A, published in July 2022.
Other Achievements
Dr. Prabu K. featured in the top 2% of Global Scientist in 2020 and 2021 in the “Updated Science author database of standardized citation indicators’’ - survey conducted by Stanford University using Scopus Database
Dr. Shyam Lal received the coveted “Young Faculty Research Fellow” award by MEITY, Govt. of India in 2019 
Dr. Shyam Lal received Google Cloud Research Award in 2022
Dr. M. S. Bhat, IEEE Student Branch Counselor  was awrded the Outstanding Large Students Branch Counselors Award 2019 by IEEE Bangalore Section.
  • Startup: PSup Communities Pvt. Ltd by Aditya LHS (2022 BTech Batch) incubated by NASSCOM. 
  • Startup: by Abhishek Ghadge (2021 BTech Batch), Blockchain based Text Generation Tool for Articles. 
  • Deeksha M. S. Final year BTech ECE and NITK IEEE Chair received the prestigious Shri Prahlad P Chhabria best outgoing female student award for the year 2021 by Hope Foundation in association with the IEEE India Council and Women In Engineering Affinity Group.  This award applaud academic and professional achievements of young women for their accomplishments in the areas of Science, Engineering and Technology. The award comprises of a prize of Rs.1,25,000/- (Rupees One Lac Twenty Five Thousand Only), a medal and a citation which is sponsored by Hope Foundation.
  • Tirumani Sri Pooja (BTech ECE 2015-19): Secured 62 AIR in the UPSC 2021.
  • NITK IEEE Student Branch received the Best Large student Branch Award from IEEE Bangalore Section for the year  2020  in  recoginition of thier outstanding contribution to the  Bangalore section in the year 2020. 
  • United Nations MCN Millennium Fellowship award for Academic Impact Organization, 2020. A semester-long leadership development program for undergraduate students to improve partnership building and community impact skills is secured by,
    o Adithya L.H.S. (2020) - 2018-22 batch
    o Supritha Harishankar (2020) - 2018-22 batch
    o Neha Ganesh Pai (2021) - 2018-22 batch
    o Arnav Singh Negi (2021) - 2018-22 batch
    o Srushti R (2021) - 2019-23 batch
  • BTech students Yogesh and  Srikar Siddharth won the 2020 NFS CPS challenge conducted by Arizona State University (ASU). This was an International Robotics competition where undergrad, graduate and MTech/Research students participated. 
  • Yogesh (20218-22): Global rank 4 in Hack3D competition by New York University.
  • P Sriram Saran (20218-22): Winner of MIT Revels Table Tennis Tournament 2022.
  • Yogesh (20218-22): Winner of National level Qualcomm; "Ideathon" by Probe, NIT Trichy in 2020.
  • Chandravaran V (20218-22): Second place in National ARTPARK Robotics Competition (IISc Bangalore) – 2021-22.
  • Deeksha M. S. (2017-21) won Shri Prahlad P Chhabria Best outgoing female
  • Dr. Anu Shaju Areekal, PhD Scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (2014-2018) is one of the winners of 2nd IEEE ComSoc India GRADUATE CONGRESS: GraTE’7’ (Graduate Thesis Evaluation in 7 minutes).  GraTE’7’ was organized by IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) Kerala Chapter jointly with ComSoc Bangalore Chapter and ComSoc Hyderabad Chapter. 
  • Dr. C. S. Asha, PhD scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (2014-2018) has been awarded Special Mention of the Jury award in category of Electronics and Communication by the Board for IT Education Standards (BITES). The research work was carried out under the guidance of Dr. Narasimhadhan, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. 
  • IEEE Student Branch won 18th place in Global Ranking in IEEEXtreme13.0 coding competition-2019 (
  • IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award 2019 - Bronze 
  • IEEE R10 (Asia-Pacific) Exemplary Student Branch Award - 2019 
  • Best paper award for the paper titled  "Ultra low voltage, low power active-RC filter in 90 nm CMOS technology" by Y. P. Yeshwanth, T. P. Vara Prasad, Vivek Mudadla, Pavan and Rekha S. in the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics (DISCOVER 2019), 11-12 Aug. 2019. 
  • Dr Anu Shaju Areeckal, PhD Scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (2014-2018) has been awarded Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 2019 for her research work, Early diagnosis of Osteoporosis using metacarpal radiogrammetry and texture analysis. The research work was done in collaboration with Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore & Center for Biomedical Imaging, Geneva under the guidance of Prof. Sumam David S and Prof. Michel Kocher, Institut d’Automatisation Industrielle, Haute Ecole d’Ingenierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD), Yverdon les-Bains, Switzerland. 
  • Aditya Kulkarni, Chirag Gourav G and Sreelakshmi S of BTech ECE (2018) won the first prize  in IEEE R10 (Asia Pacific region) SAC Paper Contest 2018 ( 
  • GATE 2019: Ashika Nayak (15EC107) : 106th Rank (All India), Ojjapally Sriman (15EC136) – 158, Shriganesh N (15EC240) – 219, Hitesh S (15EC121) – 625, Vibhore Jain (15EC249) – 925 
  • NITK IEEE Student branch won the Best IEEE Branch award under IEEE Mangalore Sub-section for the year 2018. 
  • Samarth B. Final Year BTech (E&C) and chairman, NITK IEEE Student branch won the IEEE Bangalore Outstanding Student Volunteer 2018 award 
  • Best paper award for the paper titled  "A Three-Stage Operational Transconductance Amplifier for Delta Sigma Modulator" by Aparna T, Sreenivasulu Polineni and M. S. Bhat in the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics (DISCOVER 2018), 13-14 Aug. 2018. 
  • IEEE Bangalore - Best Large student Branch Award for the year  2017 presented  to NITK - Surathkal in  recoginition of thier outstanding contribution to the  Bangalore section in the year 2017. 
  • Best paper award for the paper titled  "A Novel Dual-Gate Nano-Scale InGaAs Transistor with modified Substrate Geometry" by Baldeo Sharan Sharma and M. S. Bhat, in the IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Electronics, Signal Processing and Communication (ICIESC 2017), 6-7 April, 2017. 
  • Best paper award for the paper titled “A Low-Energy Area-Efficient Dual Channel SAR ADC Using Common Capacitor Array Technique” by  Sridhar Reddy N, Jagadish D. N. and M.S Bhat in the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics 2016 (DISCOVER 2016) Aug. 13-15, 2016.  
  • First prize in BOSCH Hackathon - 2016  won by  3rd year BTech (E&C) students  - Kartik Samtani and Saurabh Sachan for their project Bowling Assist.  23 Teams participated in the competition from Industries and Educational Institutions across India. 
  • First Place in the Intel track of HiPC Parallel Programming Challenge 2015 won by 3rd year BTech (E&C) students  - Akshay Kamath, Gururaj K and Ajay Kumar M for their project on Clustering of High-dimensional Data on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors, under the guidance of Dr. Deepu Vijayasenan. The work was presented at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 2015) held in Bengaluru ( 
  • IEEE R10 Exemplary Studet Branch Award -2015. 
  • EEE student Enterprise award  for the year 2014.  Title of the Project:  Mapping of Greenhouse gases using wireless sensor networks.  Team Members: Nithin Kamath, Arjun A, Arjun Raghunath, Pratik Gujjar, Shah Ankit Parag, M. Ranga Sai Shreyas, Sree Gautham J, A. Bejesh, Pranav Channakeshava, Chethan V, Abhiskek Kumar, Pradyumna Suresh, Anup R, Vishnuvardhan, Vinith Kishore. 
  • First prize in Texas Instruments analog design contest -2014 to Mr.Prajwal M V and Srinivas B S. 
  • Raghavendra S won the first place for the Best Lighting Project conducted by the EFY Design Contest 2013-14 (Electronics For You Magazine) held at the EFY-Expo, New Delhi for his work on Remote Controlled Efficient Lighting. He was also given additional grant for further development of his work. 
  • Aatish Chandak, Arjun A and Nithin Kamath won the 'Top 30 Designer' Awards for their project 'Autobot - Autonomous Surveyor Robot' by the EFY Design Contest 2013-14 held at the EFY-Expo, New Delhi.  
  • NITK was the only Indian team in the finals of the competition IEEE International Future Energy Challenge-2013 (IFEC'13) at the APEC Conference for the project entitled “Low cost Long lifetime LED driver” by Adarsh Hasnadka, Anirban Ghosh , Pavan K Shetty, Varun Reddy under the guidance of Dr.Ramesh Kini M. 
  • Preejit Prakash(ECE),  Siddahrtha Kumar(EEE),  Varun Reddy(ECE) won the First prize in the TI India Analog Design Contest 2012-2013 in the fourth edition of TI Analog Design Contest in India where 350 teams from 102 colleges for their project “Fast Response Search And Rescue Robot, Assisted Low Power WSN Net For Navigation And Detection” under the guidance of Dr. Aparna P. 
  • IEEE R10 Exemplary Student Branch Award - 2013 (only Institute in IEEE Region 10 to win  the award in 2013) 
  • IEEE Student Enterprise Award for the project Quadcopter  : 2013 
  • IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award –for the project Interactive Environment Education Platform (IEEP): 2014 
  • IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award - 2013 
  • First Prize in TI-Analog Design Contest - 2012 to Adarsh Hasnadka, Rohit Raju, Pavan K Shetty and Anirban Ghosh and a cash prize of $10000, under the guidance of Prof. Muralidhar Kulkarni.  
  • First Prize and Third Prizein Nation-wide Analog Circuit Design Contest Nebula'11 to Maruthi M and Karthik J N respectively, conducted by Cosmic Circuits Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. 
  • Robert Bosch Best Project Award 2009 to Ohil K Manyam, Tapaswi Makarnad Murari and Veeresh Taranalli  with a Silver medal for team members and a Cash award of Rs 10000 
  • First Prize for Best MTech Project in PI category- sponsored by  DietY under SMDP-VLSI  to  Rajashekar Guntupally (MTech student 2006-2008 batch) and Dr M.S Bhat (thesis supervisor) for the project “Design of Resolution Adaptive TIQ Flash ADC using AMS 0.35 micron Technology

Admission in top universities (Not in any order)


  • UW Madison: Karan K (2018 BTech), Vishal V. Naik (2019 BTech) - MS
  • NCSU: Ashley Kurian (2022 MTech(R)) - PhD,   Utkarsha Pathe (2018 BTech) - MS
  • Purdue University :  Varun Kumar (2021 BTech)-MS
  • University  of Liverpool:  Abhinav Pavithran (2021 BTech)-MS
  • University  of Essex:  Rahul Grover (2021 BTech)-MS
  • University of Maryland: Rama Sai Mamidala (2018 BTech) - MS
  • University of Washington: Jyothirmayee Donthineni, Kamakshee M. P. (2019 BTech) - MS
  • CMU: Harini S. (2019 BTech) - MS
  • TU Hamburg: Amar G. Nadh (2020 BTech) - MS
  • UT Austin: Samarth Bonthala (2019 BTech) - MS
  • USC: Roshan Rangarajan (2022 BTech) - MS
  • University of Georgia:  Shubhadeep Sengupta (2022 BTech) - MS
  • GeorgiaTech: K V Sai Ritwik  (2022 BTech) - MS
  • University of Pensylvenia:  Chandravaran Kunjeti (2022 BTech)-MS
  • University of Birmingham:  Russel Shawn Dsouza (2021 BTech)-MS


  • Johns Hopkins University: Deeksha Shama (2021 BTech) - PhD
  • University of Michigan: Anirudh A Aatresh, Devishi Suresh (2021 BTech) - MS
  • NCSU: Praveen Maiya (2021 BTech)
  • UCLA: Yashvanth G, Anirudh B H (2020 BTech)
  • GeorgiaTech: Anirudh Sundar (2020 BTech) - PhD,  Akshay Kamath (2017 BTech),  Kshama K. S., Mehak Arora (2020 BTech), Sathvik Prabhu (2021 BTech) - MS
  • CMU: Akshay Revankar (2018 BTech) - MS
  • UT Austin: Srinivas B. S (2015 BTech) - MS
  • University of Pensylvenia:  Rithwik Udayagiri (2020 BTech)-MS  
  • USC: Akansh Ravi (2021 BTech) - MS 
  • University of Washington: Aniket Rege (2018 BTech)-MS
  • Simon Fraser University: Kartik Samtani (2017 BTech) - MS
  • TU Delft: Rohan Khatkam (2020 BTech) - MS
  • IISc Bengaluru: Sampath Koti, Sachin Sampath H (2020 BTech) - MTech
  • NIT Trichy: Jatin Jayadeep (2021 BTech) - MTech


  • IIM Bangalore: Chirasvi H R (2017 NITK) - MBA
  • Indian School of Business: Anjana Elizabeth Jose (2017 NITK) - MBA 


  • Columbia Univ.: Shriddha Chaitanya (2017 NITK) - PhD, Aneesh Goyal (2018 NITK) - MS
  • Michigan State Univ.: Basti Bharath Shenoy (2016 MTech NITK) - PhD 
  • Stanford Univ.: Arvind Swaminath Kumar (2019 BTech NITK) - MS 
  • Univ. of Oxford: Mohita Chowdhury (2019 NITK) - MS
  • GeorgiaTech: Sowmya S (2017 NITK) - MS
  • NUS: Hema Sai Teja Aravapalli (2017 NITK) - MSc
  • UT Austin: Oshim Jain (2015 NITK), Suraj Balasubramanian (2016 NITK) - MS
  • UCLA: Fuzail Mujahid Khan (2017 NITK), Rohan Surve (2019 NITK) - MS
  • Univ. of Michigan: Hansal Shah, Malvika Dayananda Shetty (2019 NITK) - MS
  • Simon Fraser Univ.: Mayur Mallya (2018 NITK) - MS
  • IISc, B'lore: Suraj Yadwad (2017 NITK), Ashika Nayak, Shree Ganesh, Hitesh S (2019 NITK) - MTech
  • IIM Ahmadabad: Mohammed Bilal Saleem Sattikar (2017 NITK) - MBA
  • IIM Indore: Sharath Kamath Shevgur (2017 NITK) - MBA
  • IIM Rohtak: Deny Sai Abhishek Darla (2018 NITK) - MBA
  • IIM Kozikode: Naveena Chinta (2017 NITK) - MBA
  • USC: Shwetha S. V (2019 NITK) - MS
  • TAMU: Shreyas Jinadatta, Pramod Kumar (2016 NITK), Sushmitha Din, Sahan Alva (2017 NITK) - MS
  • ASU: Aswanth Sreekumar (2017 NITK) - MS
  • TU Delft: Aishwarya Meghana (2016 NITK) - MS
  • Univ. of Washington : Prasanna Muthukumar (2017 NITK), Shashank V, Sripathi Muralitharan (2019 NITK) - MS
  • Aalto Univ.: Kavya Sreekumar (2017 NITK) - MS
  • Univ. of Florida: Srinivas Thomala (2017 NITK) - MS
  • TU Kaiserslautern: Shreyas Srihari (2017 NITK) - MS 
  • Cranfield Univ.:Immanuel Biju Joseph (2019 BTech)- MS 
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD: Narayan Kumar Agarwal (2019 NITK) - MS 
  • ESSEC Business School: Sai Sandeep Sharma Chittilla (2017 NITK) - MS 


  • CMU : Akarsh (2018 NITK) - PhD
  • Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Harishankar (2016 NITK) - PhD
  • Georgia Tech:  Sanmathi Kamath (2018 NITK), Shashank Dhar (2018 NITK) - MS
  • CMU: Yaamika Dedhia  (2016 NITK), Rachana Danavadi (2017 NITK) - MS
  • UCLA:  Prachi (2018 NITK) - MS
  • UCSD: Nikhil Mohan, Adarsh Rajesh - MS
  • USC: Ranga Sai Shreyas, Nithin Rao - MS
  • Univ. of Washington: S. Narendra (2018 NITK) - MS
  • Univ. of Florida: Aswin Suresh (2015 NITK) - MS
  • TU Delft: Niket Agrawal, Mahdieh Shojaei Baghini (2018 NITK) - MS
  • Univ. of Amsterdam: Nithin Holla (2017 NITK) - MS
  • TAMU: Nishchal Shukla(2015 NITK), Nikhil Bhat(2015 NITK), Anup Rao (2016 NITK), Sanjay Rajashekar (2016 NITK), Ankita Singh (2018 NITK)- MS
  • ASU : Ritesh Rajesh Waykole - MS
  • UT Austin: Abhishek Rathan Kumar (2016 NITK), Deepa Manjunath (2016 NITK)- MS
  • Univ. of Connecticut: Radhika Malviya (2015 NITK) - MS
  • Univ. of Waterloo: Apurva Mishra (2017 NITK) - MS
  • INSEAD, Singapore:  Anantha Mathur (2013 NITK) - MBA
  • IIT, Madras:   Karl Darryl Lewis(2018 NITK) - MS


  • UCLA:  Amber Afsan - PhD
  • UIUC:  Karthik Hegde - PhD
  • GeorgiaTech: Amit Raj - PhD
  • UCSB:  Bharath Vishwanath, Akshar Jain - PhD
  • IIT Kanpur: Areeba Ahsan  - PhD
  • CMU : Ankit Shah Parag, Puneetha R - MS
  • Columbia Univ.: Shriddha Chaitanya, Nanda Kishore S - MS
  • Univ. Michigan: Vivek Venkatram - MS
  • UT Austin: Karishma Mulani - MS
  • UCSD: Mathew Sam - MS
  • Univ. British Columbia: Ajith S. R. (2014 NITK) - PhD, Kevin Dsouza (2017 NITK) - MS
  • McGill University:  Ajin Tom - MS
  • UPenn: Vinay Kumar - MS
  • TU Delft: Pradeep Venkatachalam - MS
  • TAMU: Sai Swaroop, Swathi Gowda, Shashi Ranjan, Ritesh Kumar - MS
  • UW Madisson: Ram Prasad - MS
  • UMass Amherst: Anirudha Desai - MS
  • UC Irvine: Arpita Hudar - MS
  • University of Waterloo: Sachin Vernekar - MS
  • UT Dullas: Prathik M G - MS
  • ASU : Sree Gowtham Joysula, Anuhya Sai - MS
  • LMU Munich: Abhishek C R - MS


  • ETH Zurich : Manu Nair - PhD 
  • GeorgiaTech : Pradyumna B S, Varun Reddy – PhD 
  •  UT Austin: Yashwanth Marathe, Saharsh Samir Oza - Integrated MS+PhD 
  • Virginia Tech: Ashwin Kalyan - PhD
  • University of Southern Florida: Pallavi Raiturkar - PhD
  • UT Austin: Sharukh Shaik - MS 
  • GeorgiaTech: Abhinav Roy Burman, Manyu Deshpande - MS 
  • CMU: Anindya Gautam, Madhumitha Sridhara, Anirban Ghosh, Pranav Channakeshava, Tarun Ala, Ritwik Rajendra– MS 
  • UCSD: Dhanya Ganesh, Govind Ravikumar Gopal - MS 
  • TAMU: Pavan K. Shetty - MS 
  • NCSU: Pankaj Bongale, Tarun Thokala  - MS 
  • ASU: Nikhil Kumar Das, Gunnam Sridhar, Neeraj Kulkarni, Bhaskar Jaiswal - MS 
  • UW, Madison: Suhas Rohit Pai - MS 
  • UM, Ann Arbor: Sagnik Dam - MS 
  • Simon Fraser University:  Pratik Gujjar - MS 
  • USC: Divya Nandihalli - MS 
  • UIUC: Prajwal MV - MS 
  • Columbia University: Mrinal Vaibhav Arun, Abhinav Sridhar - MS 
  • George Washington University: Sharang Kulkarni - MS 
  • University of Washington : Naveen John - MS 
  • Stony Brook University: Shreyas B. P.  - MS 


  • GeorgiaTech : Supreeth Prajwal, Rakshith Sharma – PhD 
  • University of Maryland, College Park  : Ajay Krishnan – PhD 
  • NCSU: Sandeep Hari - PhD 
  • UIUC: Samidh Pratap Singh - PhD 
  • University of Maryland, College park -  Mansij Venkatesh - PhD 
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Chenna Reddy - PhD
  • Chosun University, South Korea: Sadeque Khan,  Ningombam Devarani Devi - PhD 
  • Duke university: Vaishakhi Mayya - PhD 
  • Monash University, Melbourne: Jignesh Jokhakar - PhD 
  • CMU: Abhijith Kashyap - MS 
  • UIUC: Ashwin Kalyan V - Research Scholar
  • UCSB: Bharath Vishwanath, Akshar Jain - MS 
  • USC: Arjun Arvind - MS 
  • ASU: Archana Shenoy - MS 
  • Columbia University :  Adarsh Murthy, Raghavendra S H – MS 
  • University of Southampton:  Leela Raj Prabhu – MS  
  • GeorgiaTech  : Amit Raj - MS 
  • NCSU : Aniruddh Deshpande, Arjun Jagdish, Nithin Kamath, David Joshy Manjaly, Chethan N T, Eswar Rao K,  - MS 
  • NEU, Boston : Dishit Dak - MS 
  • University of Minnesota at Twin Cities :  Niketh M G, Pramod B. K, Venkata Srikanth Palanki - MS 
  • UCSD: Shreyas Pathre,  Shashank Uppoor, Giridhar Nayak, Preeti S., Yashank Sakhardande, Shalini Kedlaya - MS 
  • TAMU:  Abhinav Tyagi, Anish Morakhia, Venkateshwar Kottapalli, Surakshith M N - MS 
  • UC, Irvine:  Rakshith B. R. - MS 
  • Purdue University- Anmol Bhattad - MS 
  • UCLA -  Amber Afsan - MS 
  • University of British Columbia - Ajith S. R.  - MS 
  • University of Illinois at Chicago - Utpala Jasti - MS 
  • Univ. of Minnesota: Pooja Mehta - Research Scholar


  • MIT: Rajat Talak - PhD
  • UC Berkeley:  Akshay Pattabi - PhD
  • GeorgiaTech:  Yashas M. - PhD 
  • UIUC: Timir Nandi - PhD 
  • NUS Singapore: Rajashekhar Bhat - PhD 
  • Monash University: Jignesh Jokhakar - PhD 
  • Stanford University : Krithi K. N. - MS 
  • Univ. of Manchester : Manu Nair - MPhil 
  • TAMU :  Sushirdeep Narayana - MS 
  • USC:  Bhuvana Bairy - MS 
  • GeorgiaTech:  Tanmay Sapkal, Rakshith Sharma S, Elza Mathew, Rohit Bhaskar - MS 
  • University of British Columbia: Spoorthi Nayak - MS 
  • UT Austin: Ankith G S, Amogha P - MS 
  • Northwest Missouri State University: Epuri Jithendra Bhargav - MS 
  • University of Southern Florida: Pallavi Raiturkar - MS 
  • University of Minnesota: Pooja Mehta - MS 
  • Ohio State university: Anoop Raghav - MS 
  • Oregon State University : M S S K Shanmukha Sreenivas - MS 
  • The University of Edinburg: Leela Raj Prabhu - MS 
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology: Harika Sunakara - MS 
  • NCSU :  Darryl Tauro - MS 
  • Rutgers Univ. :  Suja Srinivasan - MS 
  • UT, Dallas:  Krishnamoorthy Venkataraman  - MS 
  • New York University: Mathura Govindarajan - MS 
  • Virginia Polytechnic: Ameya Khandekar - MEngg. 


  • Stanford University: Govinda Kamath - PhD 
  • UC Berkeley:  Shromana Ghosh, MS-PhD
  • UCSD: Veeresh Taranalli - PhD (2013 - 16)
  • NTU Singapore : Vikram Shenoy - PhD 
  • University College CorkIreland: Satish Kumar Grandhi - PhD (2013-16)
  • Stanford University:  Sneha Kudli - MS 
  • TAMU: Joyan Sanctis - MS 
  • University of British Columbia:  Anurag Ranjan - MS 
  • UCSB :  Pulagam Harichandan - MS 
  • UCSD :  Priyanka Ganapathi - MS 
  • UT Dallas: Areeba Ahsan - MSEE 
  • UW, Madison: Chetan Patil - MS 
  • · NCSU: Sandeep Hari - MS 


  • UC Berkeley: Pramod Murali - PhD (2012-2015)
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain: Ajay Krishnamoorthy - PhD 
  • Johns Hopkins University: Vaishakhi Mayya - MS 
  • UCSB : Kishan Ganapathi - MS 
  • USC: Shailesh K S Bhat - MS 
  • UM, Ann Arbor: Apexit Shah - MS 
  • Verginia Tech: Sreeraksha Kondaji Ramesh - MS 
  • Duke University: Ashwini Rao - MEMP 

Previous Years:

  • UC Berkeley: Nihar B Shah, Rashmi Vinayak - PhD (2011- 2016)
  • CMU: Prashant Malani, Abhinandan Krishnan (MS)
  • UCSD: Veeresh Taranalli - MS (2011-13), PhD (2013-16)
  • Purdue University: Aditya Mohan - MS/PhD (2011- 17)
  • TAMU: Prasanna Bekal - MS (2010-12)
  • USC: Sandeep Shenoy - MS (2008-2010)
  • Northeastern Univ.: Kulin Seth- MS (2008-10)
  • Clemson University: Sneha Latha Kottapalli - MS (2010-12)
  • Univ. of Michigan : Bharan Giridhar - MS (2008-10), PhD (2010-2015)
  • ASU: Vinay Hanumaiah - PhD (2007-13)
  • UCSB: Malavika Bhaskaranand - MS/PhD (2007-13)

Internships by students in Foreign Universities (2012-17)

  • Univ. of Illinois, UC
  • Viterbi School of Engineering USC, LA
  • Michigan State University, USA
  • HEIG-VD, Switzerland
  • École Polytechnique, Paris
  • TU Braunschweig Germany
  • Univ. College Cork, Ireland
  • Univ. of Victoria, Canada
  • Univ. of Applied Sciences - Western Switzerland, HEPIA, Geneva
  • Dublin City University, Ireland
  • ECAM, Lyon, France
  • Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
  • University of Göttingen, Germany
  • Mcgill University, Canada
  • Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • McMaster University, Canada
  • University of Calgary, Canada    
  • Carleton University, Canada                   

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