1.Project Title: Design and Development of Nanoscale Integrated System Along with Conformal Antenna as Capsule Prototype for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

           Funding Agency: BDTD Scheme, Ministry of Science and Technology, DST, Govt of India

           Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandeep Kumar along with Professor and Dean B. K. Kanaujia, JNU and AIIMS New Delhi

           Duration: 2021-2024

           Total Budget: 74 Lakh Rupees (NITK Funding = 33 Lakh Rupees)

           2. Name of the Project: Design and Development of Ultra-low power CMOS IC for Wireless Neural Monitoring System

             Funding Agency: International Division, DST, Govt of India 
             Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandeep Kumar Jointly with Prof. Hanjung Song, Centre of Nano-Manufacturing, Inje University, Busan, South Korea
             Year: Dec 2020 to Dec 2023
             Joint Funding Amount: 1 Crore 20 Lakh Rupees (India Budget: 40 Lakh and South Korea: 80.20 Lakh)
          3. Name of the Project :  Engineering novel label free multi-layer plasmonic nano-biosensor for DNA hybridization
             Funding Agency Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India         
             Principal Investigator: Dr. Mandeep Singh         
             Duration : 2021 - 2026

             Total Budget : 57.49 Lakh Rupees  

           4. Name of the Project: Development of Highly Conductive Ultrathin VS2 Crystals for High-Performance Flexible Supercapacitors

            Funding Agency: SERB - DST, Govt of India 

             Principal Investigator: Dr. Sushil Kumar Pandey

             Duration: 2020-2022

             Total Budget: 27.86 Lakh Rupees

           5Name of the Project Design and Dvelopmant of GaN HEMT Based LNA for L5 and S-Band  IRNSS Recevier

             Funding Agency : SERB - DST, Govt of India          

             Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandeep Kumar

             Duration : 2020 - 2023

             Total Budget : 30 Lakh Rupees  

             6. Name of the project : Development of design essentials for Ga2O3 based FinFET for SOC in automotive applications.
             Funding Agency : SERB-DST, Govt. of India.
            Principal Investigator : Dr. Nikhil K. S.
            Year : 2020-2022.
            Funding amount : 25.90 lakhs.
           7Name of the Project : SPARC  Project: Exploring Applications of Radiomics in Brain Tumor Assessment and Treatment

Funding Agency : MHRD

Principal Investigator : Dr. Sumam David jointly with Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

Co-investigator(s): (Indian Co-PI - Dr Deepu Vijayasenan, Dr Girish Menon (KMC Manipal); International PI – Dr Mandava Pitchaiah, Dr Paul Litvak )

Year : May 2019 to May 2021

Funding Amount : Rs. 38.63 lakhs

8. Name of the Project : IMPRINT-2 project, Title: Development of cost effective Radiofrequency ablation system and magnetic hyperthermia equipment for thermal therapies of cancerous tumours.

Funding Agency : MHRD

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ajay Kumar Yadav

Co-investigator(s): Dr. PU Saxena, KMC Attavar, MAHE, Manipal.; Dr. B. Satish Rao, School of Life Sciences, MAHE, Manipal; Dr. U. Sripathi & Dr. Laxminidhi, Dept of E&C, NITK.

Year: 2019-22

Funding Amount: 48.94 Lakhs

9. Name of the Project : Design and Development of Automated Kidney Cancer Detection System from H&E Stained Kidney Histopathological  Images

Funding Agency : SERB-DST, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Shyam Lal

Year: 2019-2022

Funding Amount: 27.96 lakhs

10. Name of the Project : Research Grant under Young Faculty Research Fellowship under Visvesvarayya PhD Scheme for Electronics & IT

Funding Agency : Digital India Corporation, MCIT, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Shyam Lal

Year: 2019-2021

Funding Amount: 14.80 lakhs

11. Name of the Project :  Performance Analysis and Enhancement of Radio over Free Space Optical Communication System for 5G Applications for Smart Cities

Funding Agency : SERB-DST, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Prabu K.

Year: 2019-2021

Funding Amount: 28.06 lakhs

12. Name of the Project : Compact multi-band antenna with independently controlled resonant frequency and polarization for mobile wireless applications

Funding Agency : SERB-DST, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Krishnamoorthy K

Year: 2017-2020

Funding Amount: 44.22 lakhs

13. Name of the Project : Design and Development of Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna using 2D Metamaterial Structures

Funding Agency : ISRO RESPOND Scheme

Principal Investigator: Dr. Krishnamoorthy K

Year: 2018-2020

Funding Amount: 25.71 lakhs

14. Name of the Project : Development and real-time implementation of fully automated liver cancer detection system from H&E stained liver histo-pathological images

Funding Agency : SERB-DST, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Shyam Lal

Year: 2017-2020

Funding Amount: 9.94 lakhs

15. Name of the Project : Development and Performance Evaluation of Efficient tracking Algorithms for phased array radars in the presence of electronic counter measures

Funding Agency : SERB-DST, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. P. Srihari

Year: 2016-2019

Funding Amount: 13.10 lakhs

16. Name of the Project : Sigma Delta Space Time Adaptive Processing Techniques for GMTI for ASEA Radar

Funding Agency : LRDE, DRDO

Principal Investigator: Dr. P Srihari

Co-investigator: Dr. Aparna P.

Year: 2018-2019

Funding Amount: 9.63 lakhs

17. Name of the Project : Automatic Multilingual Speaker Profiling & Forensics

Funding Agency : SERB-DST, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Deepu Vijayasenan

Year: 2017-2019

Funding Amount: 49.94 lakhs



1.  Name of the Project : FIST Project:Advanced Research Lab in RF Communications and Networks

Funding Agency : DST, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Muralidhar Kulkarni 

Co-investigator(s): Dr. U. Shripathi Acharya

Year: 2016-2020

Funding Amount: 116.00 lakhs

2. Name of the Project : Special Manpower Development Project on VLSI (SMDP-VLSI) phase-III – Chips-to-Systems

a.       Cluster Level R&D Project : "ASIC Components for sensor interfacing for the Next Generation LCA"  coordinated by IISc, Bangalore and in collaboration with PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, NIT Warangal, IIT Hyderabad, NIT Rourkela 

b.      Hardware Accelerator for Deep Neural Networks

c.       Development and  implementation of Photoplethysmography (PPG) and Electro Cardiogram (ECG) acquisition and processing system on a chip.

Funding Agency : (DIT) MCIT, Govt. of India

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ramesh Kini M.

Co-investigator(s): Dr. Laxminidhi T.

Year: December 2014 - December 2019

Funding Amount: 1.60 crores

3. Name of the Project : Intel Embedded Initiative

Funding Agency : Intel Corporation

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sumam David S.

Co-investigator(s): Dr. Ramesh Kini M.

Year: 2011-continuing

Funding Amount: 5.30 lakhs

4. Technical Education Quality Improvement Program(TEQIP - Phase III), 2017-2020


  • Building capacity in teaching and collaborative research in sensor systems for public utilities– with special emphasis on water and electricity distribution system : Jointly with Univ. of Bermingham UK, IBM India, RBEI India, ThoughtFocus India, Srinivasa Institute of Technology, Mangalore and A J Hospital, Mangalore : Mar. 2016 - Feb. 2018, Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering (Budget: Rs. 75.00 Lakhs)
  • Design and deployment of an automatic audio-visual warning system for unmanned Railway level Crossings– TEQIP Phase II (Rs. 4.0 Lakhs)
  • Building capacity in teaching and collaborative research in sensor systems for public utilities– TEQIP Phase  II (Rs. 2.5 Lakhs)
  • Uncoordinated secure and energy aware access in distributed wireless networks by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology– jointly with IITB, TIFRB and NIT Durgapur, 2013-16  (Rs. 22 Lakhs) [ITRA]
  • RF MEMS switches for Wideband Reconfigurable RF Microsystems, 2010-2014 (Rs. 175 Lakhs) [DeitY]
  • Secure Turbulence Resistant Free Space Optical (FSO) links for Broadband Wireless Access Networks, 2010-2014 (Rs. 130 Lakhs) [DeitY]
  • RF MEMS switch for Ka-band mm-wave circuits, 2009-2013 (Rs. 67 Lakhs), jointly with Physics Dept. [ADA]
  • Energy Harvesting Seat, 2014-16, [Aerospace Network Research Consortium, Boeing]
  • Low complexity decoders for Turbo Codes, 2003-2006 (Rs. 6.0 Lakhs) [MHRD]
  • Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensors, 1993-99  (Rs. 5.0 Lakhs) [MHRD]
  • Feasibility studies on the measurement of density in fluid mud areas using acoustic techniques, 1990-93  (Rs. 8.75 Lakhs) [DoE]
  • Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP - Phase II), 2011-2016
  • MEMS Design Centre, 2009-2014 (Rs. 7.52 Lakhs), jointly with Physics Dept., [ADA]
  • Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP - Phase I), 2003-2009 [WB]
  • SMDP in VLSI Design: Phase - II, 2007-13 (Rs. 80 Lakhs) [MCIT]
  • SMDP in VLSI Design: Phase - I, 2001-06 (Rs. 45 Lakhs) [MCIT]
  • MODROB for Communication Lab, 2005-07 (Rs. 8 Lakhs) [MHRD]
  • MODROB for Embedded System Design Lab, 2003-05 (Rs. 10 Lakhs) [MHRD]
  • Electronics Education Network Project (EENP), 2001-06 (Rs. 80 Lakhs) [SDC]
  • Project IMPACT – Sustainability Support Scheme, 1998-2003 (Rs. 30 Lakhs), [WB and DoE]
  • Project IMPACT, 1993-98 (Rs. 100 Lakhs) [WB and DoE]
  • UK- India RECs Project, 1993-98 (Rs 600 Lakhs)[ODA]

1. Automatic Bias Estimation Technique for 2D/3D Surveillance radar using Networked Radar Data - BEL, Bangalore, 2019-2020.

2. CARS Project:  Study of Advanced Radar Signal Processing and Tracking approaches to Detect Low RCS Targets in Heavy Sea Clutter, RCI DRDO, 2019-2020.

3. Study of Various Bias Estimation Techniques for Multi-sensor Multi-target Tracking– DRDO, 2016-2017.

4. Designing a System to measure moisture content of Cashew seeds both raw and processed- Kalbavi Cashews, Mangalore, 2015-2017.

5. Design and Commissioning of Simulators for the Indian Railway Signaling System (for both Single Line and Double Line Operation)

Sponsoring Agency: Konkan Railway Institute of Staff Training (KRIST) Duration: 2007-09

Task Undertaken: Design and Fabrication of simulators to train railway personnel on the Indian Railway Signaling system. This work involved the design of a simulator (in Java) that could the actions of the signaling system prevalent on the Indian railways and design of a panels (with a microcontroller interface) that is a replica of the signaling panel in the Station master’s office. These panels (separate for single line and double line operations) were interfaced to a computer running the simulator. This allows the trainee to be trained on the system to handle all kinds of tasks usually encountered while regulating railway traffic. It is use in the Konkan Railway Institute of Staff Training since 2009. This system was built with the help of enthusiastic and concrete contributions of our undergraduate students (ECE, EE) from the 2005-09 batch. We heartily thank them for this wonderful work which has possibly contributed to safer travel on the Indian Railway network because of better training offered to their Signaling and Operating staff.

6. Technical Consultancy during procurement of Currency Note sorting machines to Public Sector Banks (2009).

Sponsoring Agencies: Corporation Bank, Syndicate Bank, Vijaya Bank

Task Undertaken: In this consultancy work we have served as an advisor and technical expert to leading public sector banks during the procurement of machines for currency note processing and fake note detection. In the course of this work, we have assisted the banks in the drafting of tender documents, examination of the received bids and also developed testing procedures to test the speed, repeatability and fake note detection capabilities of these machines. We assist the banks in ensuring that the currency note sorting machines being procured by them for use in their currency chests/ branches meet the requirements set forth for these machines by the Reserve bank of India (RBI) and are capable of working consistently and reliably.


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