EC347 Speech and Audio Processing

Course Name: 

EC347 Speech and Audio Processing


B.Tech (ECE)


Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-1-0) 4


Speech Production–human speech production mechanism, acoustic theory of speech production, digital models for speech production. Speech perception– human hearing, auditory psychophysics, JND, pitch perception, auditory masking, models for speech perception. Speech Analysis–Time and frequency domain analysis of speech, speech parameter estimation, Linear prediction. Speech compression–quality measures, waveform coding, source coders, Speech compression standards for personal communication systems. Audio processing–characteristics of audio signals, sampling, Audio compression techniques, Standards for audio compression in multimedia applications, MPEG audio encoding and decoding, audio databases and applications. Speech synthesis–text to speech synthesis, letter to sound rules, syntactic analysis, timing and pitch segmental analysis. Speech recognition–Segmental feature extraction, DTW, HMMs, approaches for speaker, speech and language recognition and verification


Douglas O’Shaugnessy, Speech Communication–Human and Machine, IEEE Press, 2000
L R Rabiner, Digital Processing of Speech Signals, Pearson,1978
T.F Quatieri, Discrete-time speech signal processing: Principles and Practise Pearson,2002
Zi Nian Li, Fundamentals of Multimedia, Pearson Education, 2003


Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE)

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