EC475 Advanced Electromagnetics

Course Name: 

EC475 Advanced Electromagnetics


B.Tech (ECE)


Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-1-0) 4


Circuit-field relationship, electrical properties of matter, review of wave propagation, polarization and reflection, EM Theorems, Dielectric waveguides, surface waves, leaky waves, artificial impedance surfaces, Electromagnetic scattering-cylindrical wave radiation by Infinite line source, planar surface wave scattering, circular cylinder and sphere scattering, volume scattering, particle scattering, Introduction to metamaterials-characterization and dispersion relations of left handed materials, EM problems solving Computational EM-differential and integral techniquesFDTD and Method of moments, Green’s function technique-Series and closed forms, Identities, scalar Helmholtz equations, dyadic Greens function, Green’s function for planar layered media.


C. A. Balanis, Advanced Electromagnetics, Second edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012.
R.F. Harrington, Time Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields, IEEE Press, 1961(First published)
Kong, J. A. Electromagnetic Wave Theory. Cambridge, MA: EMW Publishing, 2000.


Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE)

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