EC905 Advanced RF Techniques

Course Name: 

EC905 Advanced RF Techniques



Credits (L-T-P): 

(4-0-0) 4


Planar Transmission Lines-Stripline, microstrip line, suspended stripline and coplanar line; Parallel coupled lines in stripline and microstrip - Analysis, design and characteristics. Microwave Network Analysis - Microwave network representation, Impedance and admittance matrices, Scattering and ABCD parameters, Typical two-port, three port, four port networks. Impedance Matching Techniques - Smith chart, Matching networks using lumped elements, Single and double-stub matching, Quarter wave transformer. Basic Passive Components -Lumped elements in MIC, Discontinuities and resonators in microstrip, Balun, Analysis and design of stripline/microstrip components-Directional couplers, Power divider, Hybrid ring. Basics of MIC, MMIC and MEMS technologies - Substrates used. Fabrication process, and Design techniques. Transistor Amplifiers - Types of amplifiers. S-parameter characterization of transistors; FETs- Equivalent circuit models. Single stage amplifier design- unilateral and bilateral case, Amplifier stability, Constant gain and noise circles, DC bias circuits for amplifiers. Detectors and Mixers - Point contact and Schottky barrier diodes-Characteristics and equivalent circuit, Theory of microwave detection, Detector circuit design. Types of mixers. Mixer theory and characteristics. SSB versus DSB mixers. Single-ended mixer and single-balanced mixer-Design and realization in microstrip. Double balanced and image rejection mixers. Oscillators-Oscillator versus amplifier design, Oscillation conditions. Gunn diode- Modes of operation, Equivalent circuit. Design of Gunn diode oscillator in microstip. FET oscillators. Frequency tuning techniques.


Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE)

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